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Where adventure meets community

Kift makes life on the road better by providing comfortable amenities and connecting incredible people.

Become a member

How it works

Members pay a monthly fee for access to a network of community properties across the West. Each Kift house is set up to complement life on the road, with all the amenities of home except the bedroom (that’s where your van, camper, trailer, or pop-up tent comes in).

Kift properties offer cozy living rooms, indoor work stations, fast WiFi, fully stocked plant-based kitchens, and bathrooms with showers. Membership includes access to all four Kift properties, so you can settle into one location or road trip from site to site.

Become a member

Comfortable houses in some of the West’s most beautiful places

Members enjoy amenities that make working and living on the road easier, all while exploring destinations like Mount Hood, Joshua Tree, and Discovery Bay.

Daily activities to help you live mindfully and connect with nature

Kift members co-create routines like morning check-ins, yoga practices, cold water plunges, family dinners, and sunset hikes to support healthy living.

A co-living style community of kind, adventurous nomads

Kift brings people together around common values, delicious food, and a shared passion for the adventures of a nomadic lifestyle.


Joshua Tree




Portland/Mount Hood


Discovery Bay


More locations coming soon

“It’s been healing for me to live in a community where kindness is so valued, appreciated, and abundant.”

— Sophia, Kift member


Annual membership

About $14/night

12-month subscription with unlimited access to Kift houses; all meals included

Add a copilot for $200/month

Seasonal membership

About $28/night

3-month subscription with unlimited access to Kift houses; all meals included

Add a copilot for $200/month

30-night punch pass

About $33/night

Any 30 nights within one year at any combination of Kift houses; all meals included

Add a copilot for a $250 fee

Steps to become a member

  1. Answer some questions about yourself so we can understand how you'll fit into your cohort and the broader Kift community.
  2. Schedule a call with a current member so you can ask questions and learn more about Kift.
  3. Select your membership plan and make a refundable payment for your first month to lock in the start date of your choice.*
  4. Join us in person and get oriented with help from an onboarding buddy.
  5. Participate in a check-in after your refundable one-month trial period.

*We currently have limited space and can only accept 15 new members each month. Applicants can register for a start date up to 6 months in advance.

Looking for other ways to learn about Kift?

Join one of our in-person events to meet members and get a feel for the community.